Founded in Washington DC, Advancina has evolved from the information technology consulting firm to a global company in software development, business consulting, and technology research.

With professionals around the world, Advancina offers customers a high-quality solution and in-depth research services to help them become high-performance businesses in the industry. We have to improve customer satisfaction, customer retention and delivery value to measure the company's contribution standards for enterprises, government agencies and educational institutions and other customers to create a first-class technical solutions. We use innovative and tailored collaborative process models to meet the specific needs of our customers while focusing on high-quality business value with a high degree of close focus on every detail of the project implementation process. From the patented product framework to the open source component project, we are the most influential individual brand technology to provide customers with the greatest advantage. We have worked extensively with leading companies in the industry, including IBM, Lockheed Martin, Deloitte, etc., and have completed large-scale development projects to create a number of industry core software systems The We have a wide range of clients, including the world's top 500 enterprises and state-level government agencies, including a visionary, motivated start-up companies.
In 2009, Advancina set up a software development division in Nanjing, China to help companies study the latest technology and gradually take on software development tasks. In 2012, Advancina's headquarters moved from the Washington area of the United States to Silicon Valley, California, to get the latest technology more quickly and to better serve our customers and develop their own products. In addition to serving customers, we have absorbed Silicon Valley's innovative spirit and corporate culture, using open management, incubation of Internet applications, and strive to build enterprises and consumers for the Internet "outlet" products.

Think Big. Act Small.


Advancina has a world-class management team and excellent elite team, most of our technical consultants and consulting experts are from the world-renowned enterprises. We invest in our staff and help them grow with the company.

Our Culture

Advancina recognizes has its own corporate culture. Each of our members in this cultural atmosphere for the development of enterprises to make contributions.


Excellent elite team

Talent achievements of the company, the company leading the development of talent. Our team members are rigorously screened out, every one is the company's wealth. We think that the ability is better than the experience, careful thinking, thunder of the action, the spirit of cooperation and tough character is our desire for talent elements. We strive to create a positive working environment, so that each member learn from each other, promote each other.


Strict process control

Regardless of the company's internal management or external services, we attach great importance to the process of standardization and standardization, and strictly control the implementation. However, this does not mean that we are conservative, we continue to sum up the work of the problem, timely detection and improvement, our process control iteration perfect. Facts and experience tell us that good process control management is the quality assurance of the project and the product.


Harmonious working environment

The harmonious working environment is the guarantee of the quality of the work of the company, but also the basis of team building. We believe that the company's core mission is to create value, employees in an open, free, happy working environment to play the greatest potential. Our staff can talk to anyone at any time, can have flexible working hours, can also work remotely. We work hard to help our employees solve problems outside of work.


Innovative entrepreneurial spirit

Development comes from innovation. We believe that the development of enterprises must be innovative, whether it is innovative ideas and methods or improved ideas and ways, we are very important and adopted. We do not think that there must be truth, we believe that the changes in knowledge structure and the accumulation of experience is to promote the development of things. We believe in aliens, and we believe that mankind will live on other planets one day.