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FASA - Teaching Management System at Stanford University

Stanford University   Teaching management system

Stanford University is one of the world's most outstanding universities, comprehensive ranking in the United States and the world are located in the top five, is considered the birthplace of Silicon Valley and heart. Stanford University's exploration and innovative spirit has been driving the school in the continuous development of its school information management system is also a leader. FASA is Stanford University for the implementation of teaching curriculum management automation of an important project for the school 7 college more than 2,000 teachers to provide teaching courses registration, distribution of network management, to replace the paper form approval process, to achieve the faculty and The Office of the Office of the Electronization of Curriculum Management.


Stanford University teaching task arrangement management has not yet unified information, the traditional "blue" paper form is widely used in most departments, this approach is slow to deal with, the need for manual delivery, easy to lose form, damage, information also Need to be manually entered into the computer system, the whole process is relatively low efficiency. And the storage of paper forms is also a long-term problem, information security is not guaranteed, paper is not conducive to environmental protection.

Stanford University decided to open a school-wide e-learning task management system - FASA (Faculty and Academic Staff Appointment), which will achieve all faculty of the faculty curriculum management and approval process automation, completely replace the traditional paper Forms and cumbersome manual approval process, greatly speeding up the efficiency of school curriculum management. Advancina is honored to be selected as one of the program implementers of the project in Silicon Valley's many information technology companies and has been involved in project development led by the Stanford University Management Information Systems division. With our accumulated experience and solid technical ability, we have successfully helped Stanford University to launch the FASA system on-line for seven months. We have completed the project's tasks on time and are well received by the school. Throughout the implementation of the project, we adhere to the company's work style: wisdom, serious and careful.