Technology driven

Advancina is driven by technology and align the businesses with it. We relocated from Washington DC to Silicon Valley. In this high-tech company, the most innovative areas are at the forefront of world technology development. Whether it is subversive new technology or improved upgrade technology, we are studying and research, and actively applied to the development of their own products, and we provide technical advisory services, so that more enterprises can effectively access and apply the latest technology.


High-quality technology products must have high efficiency, functional, low error rate of the software.

In order to ensure the quality of software development, Advanicna, in addition to experienced software engineers, in strict accordance with the software engineering approach to manage and control project tasks.

We are not dogmatically subject to a single methodology, but in a deep understanding of many theories based on the flexible use of the project according to the actual needs of the plan. We have independently developed the project collaboration software - StanTeam, regardless of cross-border team of large projects or local small projects, through the web program to develop plans, management tasks, tracking progress, and ultimately successful completion of the target.


"Entertain everyone rather than yourself."

We share our experience and research in technology development with our clients and have provided technical consulting services to many businesses, governments and other organizations to help them develop their technology strategies and implement programs to successfully accomplish their goals.

We integrate the rich resources of both China and the United States, providing two-way advisory services so that our customers can quickly and effectively grasp the technical capacity required to obtain scarce technical resources to achieve their business goals, stand out in the competition.

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Our pursuit of quality is reflected in every project and product